Session 3: The Tower + Eight of Swords

The party, on the recommendation of Elcar, decided to continue going Northeast to find the Sapphire City. The first thing they encountered was [The Tower]: a ziggurat full of bones. The party decided to start from the top and go down.

On the top level was a bone naga, which immediately cast Sleep on them and made Elcar fall asleep. The next round it managed to paralyze Elcar and Andusk with Hold Person. After that, between Melati’s Oathmusket and Moirin with a decisive casting of Moonlight, the fight turned in the direction of the party, but not before the naga dropped Elcar with a Lightning Bolt.

The second floor initially seemed empty except for pillars and bones. While exploring, Melati ventured into the center on top of a bone pile and in between all four pillars. It turned out there were Shadows hiding in the shadows of the pillars, who all jumped out and attacked Melati, and dropped him unconscious. Then Andusk almost immediately turned them, and the rest of the party finished off all but one.

While searching for the one, the party went down to the first floor and used Andusk’s Divine Sense to search for undead. Andusk found the Shadow, but also found a bunch of skeletons in the bone pit in the center of the room. The skeletons rose and started attacking the party, but were quickly dispersed by the second casting of Moirin’s Moonbeam. Meanwhile, the Shadow attempted to sneak up on Moirin and mostly failed to do anything.

After that, the party took a long rest and set out Northeast. This time they found the [Eight of Swords], which turned out in this case to be a pack of giant hyenas. Those hyenas were very dangerous, but they were made significantly more manageable by two castings of Animal Friendship by Moirin.

After that, still on Plan Northeast, the party went in the direction of [The Sun].

Session 2: Justice

The party came to an elvish village in a gigantic tree. Then the elder of the village, Beria, was suddenly murdered by an arrow in her chest (and poison)! The party initially attempted to save Beria’s life, but were unfortunately unsuccessful.

Melati and Morin noticed that the murderer had shot from a tree nearby. They gave chase, to the house of Beria’s sister, Deria, where Deria was being arrested. Deria wasn’t feeling very conversational, so they investigated her house and found her journal, which said that her bow had been stolen recently. They also found footprints leading out her back door, which seemed to be footprints of a different person.

Those footprints led them to what turned out later to be the house of Geria, the sister of Beria and Deria. Geria wasn’t at home at the time. The party failed to investigate the house but did detect an aura of transmutation floating around the house, which quickly fled from them. They were unable to hit it and gave up when Detect Magic ran out.

At that point, they went to Geria with the journal, who was stubborn and didn’t listen to them. She did mention her apprentice, who the party began to suspect. Andusk had one of his retainers go fetch the apprentice and then she started trying to needle Geria or her apprentice into admitting something. This didn’t end up working. Geria did say she was going to summon a justice spirit to administer the trial.

Andusk made friends with Sentet, and tried to get her to admit something. She didn’t admit anything but said that she was willing to summon the justice spirit early. The rest of the party decided they wanted to figure out where the bow was, and found it in the tree the murderer hid in. It was a magical bow known as an Oathbow which matched the bow stolen from Geria’s house.

Session 1: The Adventure Begins

This adventure, the party met each other!

Everyone started in their respective cities and got a pile of papers from whoever it was was sending them!

The first encounter they ran into while exploring was The Magician card. At the card was a crystal tower, occupied by the ghost of Aethingi who Dances. There was also a very dumb set of animated armor that the party managed to trick.

Elcar, pretending to be Aethingi, then released the guard. It wandered away into the wilderness.

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