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  • Kokai

    The eastern continent. Not much is known about it, other than that [[Orcs]] live there.

  • Shukai

    The southern continent. Home of the [[Dragon Empires]]. Also home to [[Humans]], [[Dwarves]], [[Halflings]], and [[Dragonborn]]. h2. Countries [[Blue Dragon Empire]]

  • Reikai

    The western continent, where our story begins. h2. Races [[Elves]] [[Goliaths]] [[Gnomes]] h2. Countries [[Dawn Alliance]] h2. Events [[Revolution of the Dawn]]

  • Six Jewels

    The Six Jewels are the six largest elven cities. They are: * The Jewel of the North, City of Earth * The [[Ankitlal | Ruby City]], Jewel of the South, City of Fire * The Jewel of the West, City of Wind * The [[Sengkitlal | Sapphire City]], Jewel of …

  • Dawn Alliance

    The *Dawn Alliance* (alternatively *Alliance of Dawn* or *Confederation of Dawn*,) is an alliance between the newly formed Republic of [[Nishioka]], the elven [[Ruby City]], several elven villages, and the three major [[goliath]] fortress-cities. It …

  • Nishioka

    The *Nishioka Republic*, also known as *Nishioka*, is one of the newest independent states on the planet after having just won its independence in the [[Revolution of the Dawn | Dawn Revolution]]. Although most of the citizens of the new republic are …

  • Ankitlal

    The *Ruby City* is an ancient elven city made entirely of [[Elf-crystal]]. It is also one of the members of the [[Dawn Alliance]]. It is said to be one of the six legendary elven cities known as the [[Six Jewels]]. h2. Important People [[: …

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