Dawn Alliance

The Dawn Alliance (alternatively Alliance of Dawn or Confederation of Dawn,) is an alliance between the newly formed Republic of Nishioka, the elven Ruby City, several elven villages, and the three major goliath fortress-cities.

It recently defeated the Blue Dragon Empire in the Revolution of the Dawn. This caused it to come into possession of a somewhat dubious claim on the entire continent of Reikai.

Shared Cities

Niiyako/New Capital, the new capital city currently under construction

Nishioka Members

Aomina, the old capital and largest city
Kawaichi, a trading port at the junction of the Green River and the Stony River.
Yamaichi, a town surrounded by the Goliath Mountains, on the Great River

Elven Members

Ankitlal, a.k.a. the Ruby City, the largest elven member of the alliance.
Giant Boa Clan
White Rose Clan
Quetzal Clan

Goliath Members

Wahan, the largest of the main three goliath fortresses
Tonan, the strongest of the main three goliath fortresses
Kopan, the oldest of the main three goliath fortresses

Dawn Alliance

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