Elves are the most populous race native to Reikai. They live mostly in tribal villages scattered across the landscape. Elves can live for up to 1000 years: as such, the leaders of most elven tribes are quite old.

Elven tribes usually have a patron spirit. The tribe is often named after this spirit, and elven warlocks in the tribe will be warlocks of that spirit.

Elven warlocks can make a special material called Elf-crystal by transmuting wood with magic. Elf-crystal has properties similar to gemstones: it’s very hard and very shiny.

Most elven tribes have enough druids that they can subsist solely off magical sustenance if necessary.

There are only six major elven cities, known to elves as the Six Jewels. One of them, the Jewel to the South, or the Ruby City, is one of the members of the Dawn Alliance.

Famous Elves

Shipactli, Elder of the Ruby City.


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