Humans are the majority race native to Reikai, and also the only race to predate the arrival of the Dragons on Shukai.

They’re also the majority race in Nishioka, one of the main members of the Dawn Alliance.


Before the dragon conquest, humans were the only inhabitants of Shukai. They lived in a patchwork of feudal states who were usually in conflict with each other. This state began in ancient history and continued for thousands of years, until the dragon conquest.

After the dragon conquest, humans had a variety of reactions to the occupation. The ones who stayed in now dragon-controlled ordinary society remained humans. Various kinds of human outcasts became dwarves and halflings, respectively.

Famous Humans:

Human Family Names

Airen, Aotei, Bamlao, Gangan, Gakoru, Jangtei, Okam, Tentei, Tenmen, Umen, Zamtei

Human Given Names

Ai, Engti, Fusa, Keiran, Nagusa, Piran, Reisa, Saong, Tekoma, Zeren


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